AIA Presentations

ConcreteWorks East is now glad to offer AIA Continuing Education System Courses for architectural and design firms. If your firm is interested in having the CWE team come to your office to present a course, please contact our Sales team at or (732)-390-9944 ext. 13.

The courses we currently offer are:

GFRC as an Architectural Product

Course #: CWE101
Length: 1 hour
Credit Type: 1 LU
How It's Taught: Instructor led face-to-face utilizing a PowerPoint presentation. Physical GFRC samples will also be brought for viewing. A full kit of Concreteworks East samples can be provided at the conclusion of the course.

Course Description: In this course, members will discover the possibilities of GRFC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) as an architectural material while gathering an in depth knowledge of its physical characteristics.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the basics of GFRC and the fabrication process.
  2. Review the physical and structural properties of precast GFRC.
  3. Discover the advantages of precast GFRC over conventional concrete.
  4. Explore the possible uses of GFRC within an exterior or interior architectural project.

Cost: There is no cost to have the CWE team present at your firm's office.

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