Concrete Fireplaces

concrete fireplaces

product info

Min. Thickness:
1" (GFRC Mix) / 2" (Trowel Mix)

18 lbs @ 2" Thick (GFRC Mix) / 25 lbs @ 2" Thick (Trowel Mix)

Max Span:
8' (Oversized possible)

Eased Edge:
1/8" Radius

Matte or Gloss finish

1/16"-1/8" (Filled w/ color matched caulk)

Surrond / Mantle / Hearth

1 or 3 hole / + Soap Dispenser and Sprayer

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Polished / Ground / Trowel / Terrazzo

fireplace projects

>Laight St. Residence
>Phillips Residence
>Wainscott Residence

the process


Submit DWG's or Sketches
Show us your ideas. Submit any architectural drawings, details, or sketches related to architectural precast within the project for us to review. If you have any preliminary questions, feel free to contact us.


Request Samples or Submit for Custom Match
Concreteworks East offers 15 standard colors as well as custom sample development.


Once all the details of the project have been reviewed, Concreteworks East will submit a bid proposal.


Shop Drawings / Templates
In preparing to get the project ready for fabrication, shop drawings will be produced with the proper constraints and submitted for approval. If included in the project, technicians will visit the job site to template / capture site conditions to ensure an accurate final product.


Once all the details have been approved and captured, the project is ready for fabrication. The lead time will vary based on the size, complexity, and timing of the project. Contact us to get our current estimated lead times.


Delivery / Install
With the precast now cured and sealed, it is ready to be delivered and/or installed in the project environment.

Concrete Fireplaces

Concrete fireplace

Wainscott Residence

concrete fireplace

Park Ave Residence

Whether a simple hearth or a complete surround, our precast concrete fireplaces become a main attraction of any space. Concreteworks East has worked with a variety of fireplace types and fuel sources. We work hand in hand with the contractors to ensure a perfect final product. The depth and tones of concrete can be the perfect compliment to the warm ambiance of a fireplace.

Concreteworks East offers a standard range of 15 colors though custom color development is available as well. Even further then the color, CWE offers a variety of finishes in creating surfaces with different contrast, texture and depth. All of our products come with sealer applied and depending on the finish, is available in matte or gloss.Navigate our site to learn more about our products. Concrete does have some limitations so make sure you contact the Concreteworks East team so we can assist you in how to bring your vision to life.


As the focal point of a living room, library, or outdoor patio, a concrete fireplace surrond or hearth will grab the rooms attention. Expierment with a raw and troweled finish to add both a natural texture and a feeling of solidity with a monolithic look. Or go with a polished finish and a light color to further bring out the warm ambiance and add a level of refinement.

A concrete fireplace makes the perfect center piece for busy social spaces as the crowd will love to gather around it. A perfect addition to a hotel lobby, a restuarant, and a cafe or bar. Have an outdoor seating? A precast concrete fireplace will create that raw and natural look while still being a perfect material to weather the elements.

Located in Central NJ, Concreteworks East fabricates precast concrete for clients throughout New Jersey, New York (including Long Island), Philadelphia, and Southern Connecticut.

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