Concrete Stairs

concrete stairs

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Compressive Strength 6,500 psi
Tensile Strength 1,700 psi
Min. Thickness 1 in.
Weight per SF 9lbs at 1 in. thick
Max Span 8 ft.
Slip Coefficient 0.86 Dry / 0.70 Wet
Abrasive Strips Options Available
Lead Time 6-12 weeks


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Concrete Stairs

As a focal point, our precast concrete stairs can add a bold statement to an interior or exterior environment. Capable of interfacing with a variety of stringers, supports, and handrails, Conreteworks East will help bring any design to life. With a variety of finishing depths and sealers to create different levels of grip there is no concern in creating a product that won’t suit your needs.

Our concrete stair components can be fabricated in a variety of forms to suite any type of stair design. Whether you are looking to cap an existing stepped structure or are looking to create an open riser staircase using treads to bridge the stringers, Concreteworks East has experience with a wealth of set-ups and can make sure you have the ideal product. Our concrete stairs can also serve as an interface for glass and railing stand-offs.

Concrete stairs offer both a high level of aesthetic and functional flexibility. Safety is always a concern in designing a staircase, espicially an exterior or public staircase. Concreteworks East will work with you in achieving that level of safety and comfort. We have the capability to cast in a variety of abrasive strips and also acid etch the surface to create a grit texture that provides excellent slip performance.

Tread Profiles


concrete stair treads

Midtown Ferry


Concreteworks East's custom stair treads are not intended to make

Concreteworks East offers a standard range of 15 colors though custom color development is available as well. Even further then the color, CWE offers a variety of finishes in creating surfaces with different contrast, texture and depth. All of our products come with sealer applied and depending on the finish, is available in matte or gloss. Navigate our site to learn more about our products. Concrete does have some limitations so make sure you contact the Concreteworks East team so we can assist you in how to bring your vision to life.

Located in Central NJ, Concreteworks East fabricates precast concrete for clients throughout New Jersey, New York (including Long Island), Philadelphia, and Southern Connecticut.

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