Polished to a beautifully smooth and closed surface that exposes a small amount of the concrete's fine aggregates.The most versatile finish as it can be used in almost every application. This is one of the most popular finishes chosen for interior elements since its smooth and dense surface make maintenance.


Our exterior finish is acid washed to provide a fine grit texture that makes it perfect for floor pavers, pool copings, and other hardscapes. This exterior finish can be etched to a variety of different levels to best suit your particular application. The finish is also popular for interior wall panels as it adds a element of depth and texture to any room.


This hand placed concrete mix creates one of the most unique precast surface finishes. What starts as a dry concrete mix leads to a finished product that is full of variation and contrast. Despite the hand place nature, the finish is still polished to a smooth surface making the finish a great option for multiple applications.


Board form beautifully combines the movement, depth, and rawness of both wood and concrete into one product. Concrete is cast on wood paneling or slats set into the mold. The grain, knots, and seams of the wood are transferred to the concrete element creating this increasingly popular finish, particularly for exterior and interior panels.



In a Terrazzo finish, the concrete's surface is heavily polished down to expose the aggregates within the concrete's matrix but is yet still perfectly smooth. The aggregates can be custom chosen, from granite to to crushed glass this finish provides the most customization and variation. This beautiful product is ideal for countertops and floor tile.

For more information regarding our precast finishes, such as ideal applications or maintenance differences, don't hesitate to contact the Concreteworks East team for help.