Grey Global – 200 Fifth Avenue

Scope: Stair treads & landings | Mens & Womens Vanities.

200 Fifth Avenue is one of the most historic and sustainable buildings in New York. The recent renovation of this landmark called for the effort and collaboration of hand picked companies to ensure the finest job possible. Being asked to join the project in a collaboration with Studios Architecture, Concreteworks East brought its talents to New York. The interior work consisted of the fabrication of contemporary trough sinks with integral ramp drains located within the men' and women's vanities.

Perhaps the most featured element though is the lobby stairway, with its over sized platform and cutback design it serves as a centerpiece even from the exterior courtyards as you look through the glass into the interior lobby. Concreteworks East fabricated the concrete stair treads and the prominent concrete landings. The elements featured a subtle but sharp cutback design at the riser of each step, adding a dynamic sense of movement to the heavy concrete slabs. Cast in place abrasive strips finalize the tread design to get it ready for public use.

To view more photos and information regarding the 200 Fifth Avenue project, visit STUDIOS Architecture.

200 fifth avenue

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200 5th ave

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