Irving Place Capital

Scope: Board-form Wall Panels | Conference Room Wall Panels

TPG Architecture, for the Irving Place Capital office build-out, brought on Concreteworks East to be the precast supplier of board form concrete wall panels . As you walk into the office, located on 5th Ave in Manhattan, our precast wall panels are immediately featured in the elevator lobby. As you enter the 23,000 square foor work space, our panels once again a featured at the building's columns and in the conference rooms. The plywood slats that make the form in which the concrete is cast on were uniquely set in a way to create an offset between adjacent slats that produced an eye catching depth and texture. The offset design also disguises the seams within the board form concrete panels creating an uninterrupted pattern that provides the versatility to clad a long wall or column.

This board form concrete design has since become a popular product among our customers. The ability to control the offset, slat width, and the grade of wood allow for this product to always be unique. Irving Place Capital has become a project we enjoy showing other customers.

For more info and photos regarding the Irving Place Capital project, visit TPG Architecture - Irving Place Capital.

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