Spiral House

Scope: Bath Shower | Bath Vanity | Bath Tub | Kitchen Island Countertop

Situated along the Connecticut shoreline of Long Island Sound, the Spiral House seeks to engage, enhance and reflect the surrounding coastal climate and its atmospherics of light, air, water.
- Joeb Moore & Partners LLC

From that description, it is now easy to understand where to the inspiration behind the precast elements collaborated on between Concreteworks East and Joeb Moore & Partners for the Spiral House. The precast tub shower combo in the guest bathroom features a transparent glass sidewall as the whole element sits under a larger window overlooking the ocean. The kitchen features a over sized trowel counter top with a striking cantilever design. Finally, the master bathroom completes the scope with an another large precast tub as well as a double sink vanity.

The overall project has been featured in countless architecture and design publications. To view more info and a lrage gallery of photos, visit Joeb Moore - Spiral House.

spiral house

spiral house concreteworks

precast tub ct

precast concrete ct

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